This Evening II (is Mercury in retrograde, or something?)

Holy fuck, y'all. What is it about our loved ones that drive us bat-shit crazy?  Scratch that, I know exactly what it is:

The first bit is that miscommunication is sometimes unavoidable. As friends or family members, you tend to be on the same wavelength most of the time; that's the reason you get on so well and when communication is fully functional, everything is good. But sometimes there's a disconnect that is, in my opinion, one of the most frustrating things in the world to deal with. In your own mind, you're making perfect sense - why, then, is this person who knows you so well having such a hard time understanding what  it is you're trying to get across? It feels a little something like this:

   - "I care about you a great deal so I feel like I should tell you that some of the choices you've made concern me. Have you ever considered looking at things from another point of view in order to spare yourself grief?"

   - "Totally - I've been meaning to make significant changes to my day-to-day routine so I can live life to the max. "

   - "... and that sounds great! But what I was trying to say was that-"

   - "Yeah, like hitting the gym more often and getting ripped. Hey, did you know butterflies taste with their feet?"

   - "What. The. Fuck?"

You have to come to terms with the fact that you can't make someone understand what's going on in your brain, even though every nerve in your body is resisting the urge to physically force yourself inside of their head and beat your point into it.

Bit two is that you cannot escape your loved ones easily. What I mean by that is this: if you, for example, start a philosophical conversation with a stranger wearing a sandwich board proclaiming  the end is nigh and he starts screaming that Jesus in a spaceship is coming to save us all so you better repent, you can simply walk away. Because that person is clearly insane and poses a possible threat to your safety, no one would fault you for hightailing it the fuck out of there.

But your loved ones are entwined in your life. They're in it for the long haul. Because you love them for all their endearing traits as well as their faults, you can't bring yourself to say "Nope, not gonna deal with your crazy ass any more" and walk off into the sunset. You have have to grin and bear it, and pray that the new day will bring better perspective. 

It's enough to drive any one banana-sandwich, if you ask me. I'm both baffled and impressed that our species has managed to survive each other, let alone flourish over the years. 

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