This Evening I (I'm in motion!)

To be perfectly honest, I didn't expect the apathy to last long, but it did do the trick. The build-up of crappy situations and the effects they were bound to have one way or another have surfaced and I will simply have to deal with them. But it's all irrelevant because I have a light at the end of my tunnel, a shining beacon pushing me on. I have a force of will and prize to set my eyes on...


For years, this music festival has called to me like a siren song, and for all sorts of reasons I was never able to answer it. The congregation of like-minded people gathered together to get creative and have fun seems like precisely the place I need to be. Imagine it: five days of earth living, music, dancing, fellowship, love, beauty and, above all, liberation. 

Maybe I am desperate for something big to happen, but I feel like this would be a life-changing experience for me, one that cannot come too soon and one that I am unwilling to pass up on another year. 

My mission (though in essence simple and in practice will likely be a challenge) is to beat my battle with finances and get my ass to Shambhala. 

$310.00 - Ticket
$80.00 - Early Admission
Depending on number of cohorts:
$100-300 - Campsite
$100 - Gas
$150 - Food & Water

So I'll need roughly $950.00, and at least $400.00 in the next 6 weeks in order to obtain tickets.

Holy fuck, I feel such a rush. I'm finally moving!

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