Oh, Life, you sly bastard

"I've been in dire straits before, but this is crazy. Thank God for modern medicine: if wasn't for the drugs, I'd be having the full-blown panic attack I've been keeping at bay the last three days."

Scratch that. 
That was yesterday. 
Shit's cool now.

Why do I doubt that there are forces - including my own often-forgotten tenacity - helping me get to the end of my journey? One day, I'm going to remember right off the hop that every thing I need will provided to me in time. That way, when I'm struggling financially (because, let's face it, it will keep on happening until I learn to handle my money), emotionally (yay, hormones!) and spiritually (seriously, what is my purpose?),  I'll be able to reflect on how the Universe has never yet let me down, thereby negating stress and dismay before it even happens.

Easier said than done? Not really, I just have to accept what is and deal with it as it comes. After all, things are only as bad as I make them out to be. So if I stop looking at these bumps as problems, they cease to be problems. They simply become another lesson learned on my journey.

Also, it helps to have a mom who, although lacking in affection and other such "mom-skills", always has and continues to take of her kids when they need it. 

I totally knew I wasn't going to have to live off of half a bag of frozen peas until the 15th... 

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