I'm boooooooored.

Whoa, long time no post! I don't know what the hell happened there...

So, I'm starting to really not enjoy going into work these days. I still like my job and I like what I do, but it's simply not satisfying. I'm still thinking that changing careers, maybe doing something more worthwhile. If I was better educated (academically) I'd waste no time getting into the mental health care system.

That being said, Sis just got back from her first trip abroad with some incredible stories and she's inspired me to have some adventures of my own. I think I can tough it out at the office until I can get enough money to get the fuck out of here! First thing's first: I need to get home and see Sis - it's been two months and that simply won't do!

Also, had a great last few days (minus the work-y bits) but my Buddy is now out of the country! What to do with myself when two of my favorite people are so far away? I was thinking of wine, but I have to restrain my impulse to spend money.... Booo, world. Boooo.

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