The Human Condition

"Life is an infectious disease. You catch it from your parents and spread it to your kids. It can't be cured, only managed."
      - Karen Star

It's a grim view of things, that's for sure. The optimist inside wants to believe that it's nonsense but the realist knows that it's often the truth. For all the charming and admirable qualities humans possess, a lot of them have an incredible knack of fucking things up for themselves. 

For every revelation I have, I seem to make a decision that takes me backwards. Every time I'm hit with some truth, some key I can use to better myself, I flout it and blatantly make what can only be described as a mistake. And that's a serious statement, because I never truly believed in mistakes. I thought of them as "life lessons". Well, what good are life lessons if you turn a blind eye and never learn from them? 

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