Logical Me and Emotion Self are having another discussion:

ES: You know, we could get a good chuck of change if we sold this crap.
LM: What are you on about?
ES: Look - TV, $250. Coffee table and matching TV stand, $100. Tablet, $300. Guitar, $150. Dinning room set, like, $75.
LM: Seriously, the fuck are you talking about? I hope you're not implying...
ES: Hell, yeah, I am! Sell all this material shit and you'll have $875ish.
LM: Yes, but -
ES: And then quit your job. You'll get 13.5 days vacation payed out on top of your pay cheque. Then that's about $3.100. 
LM: Yes, math is nice but - 
ES: Then all you have to do is tell the landlord you're packing up and and leaving. The damage deposit should come back almost in full. So we're up to about $3,800.
LM: And do what exactly? 
ES: Who the fuck cares? Bring your books and clothes and anything important back to mums and go somewhere. Any fucking where. Go to that commune in BC. Go live for a bit in Quebec again. See G-ma and Gil. See the oceans - both of them. Join Aya's circus. Finally go to Shambhala! (It's way cheaper than we expected!)
LM: And when that money runs out I, what? Just find a job for a few weeks? 
ES: Duh.
LM: But my friends. I can't just disappear! 
ES: I'm sure they'd understand. Oooo, or maybe they'll come with you! 
LM: Fat fucking chance my married ladies would go adventuring with me... but you do make a good point.

It's rarely safe when my emotions start making the decisions.

But it's always a lot of fun.

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