On Living Fearlessly

"Living Fearlessly" is perhaps not an apt title. Fear is inevitable - especially where you and your feelings are concerned. No one likes to be hurt, so most of us make our decisions based on what we think will cause the least amount of pain. But this is a big problem. You see, if you're making choices or - maybe worse - choosing inaction  based on fear, you shut yourself off from the possibility of so much happiness.

So, you want to quit the lucrative job you hate and pursue a fun career that pays less? Sure, you may struggle with money a little if you do, but doesn't being "happily employed!" sound so much nicer than just "ugh, employed"? 

You think you maybe you'd like to try to make things work your ex - but it blew up in your face once before,  who's to say it won't happen again? Or worse, what if you put your heart out there and are flat-out rejected?  Sounds awful, right?  So rather than making any choice at all, you just sit in limbo and see what happens. 

You struggle with negative thoughts and depression. You know you can ask for help, but there's a niggling fear that, even if you seek the help you need, you'll fail and never get yourself out of this funk. Surely not trying at all feels better than failure?

You know what you need to do. What are you waiting for? Quit that job, profess your love, ask for help! You could be successful in more important ways than financially, missing out on the bliss of a mended relationship or letting altogether new happiness pass you by. You'll never know, because you never tried. 

It can be hard - believe me, I know - to follow to your heart to happiness when your brain is doing this: 

But you have to fucking power though it. The bumps along the way are well worth the reward.

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