Let me entertain you

I have been non-stop cooking for people for three days - and I love it. 

On Friday I did some tipsy cleaning, where you drink a glass of wine for every room you clean (the only downfall is that you may start losing focus and the rooms get progressively less clean as you go), then I baked a cake. I had Cuppy-Cake and her husband and mother over for dinner on Saturday. The meal I had planned for my adoptive family was maple-glazed salmon with cinnamon mashed yams and brocolini. It seemed to be a great success! And tomorrow I am finally having Buddy over for dinner. I made my very first shepherds pie tonight.

I truly love to cook for and entertain people; if I had the money, I'd entertain all the time. Even more than that, I'd love to have a partner and family one day to do these things for. And I have to tell you, that's really surprising for me to admit. I never thought of myself as a domestic, just as I never saw myself marrying or having kids. But I find the idea appealing and I honestly think I'd be pretty great at it...

In the meantime, though, I am happy to have found something so productive to take my mind off the shitty feelings. I need more of this type of thing so I can squash the negativity before it happens. I think if I can maintain this habit, I can beat this thing. Fuck ya, positivity!

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