Once Upon A Time...

... let's say, twenty seven years ago to the day, a baby boy was brought into the world. This boy, despite being daft (or maybe because of it), lived a charmed life. Until one day he stumbled into the world a girl named Kay. 

For a time, this boy imbued his charm into the life he built with the girl named Kay, who had suffered a lifetime of strife - sometimes at her own hand. But somehow, just by being there, the boy seemed to make all the troubles and pain in Kay's life disappear. He taught her to stress less, to trust more, and above all else, he taught her how to love and be loved. 

But the charm was not to last. For, you see, while Kay may have been able to turn a blind eye to her past and her problems, they never truly disappeared. They waited in the shadows and reared out their ugly heads whenever the chance arose, looking to cause yet more strife. And each time they did so, Kay's faith in the boys blessing cracked just a bit. And by simply losing faith, the boys blessing started to shatter, too. 

Little by little, the bliss and serenity the boy brought with him where ever he went started to crumble until it was simply no longer there. Kay and the boy tried to ignore it at first, and later they tried to fix it. But no matter what they did to put back the pieces of the charmed life they had once led, nothing worked. And the boy slowly started to realize that the reason his charm had deserted them was Kay and the strife that followed her. 

So, once upon a time... let's say two years ago today, the charmed boy made the smartest decision he ever made, and ever will make. In order to continue leading his blessed life, the boy turned Kay out of it altogether, leaving her to battle the strife on her own.

And, like magic, his charm returned to him and he lived happily ever after. The end. 

Well, "the end" for the boy, that is. 

Is there a moral to this story? I hope not, because if I were an outsider looking in, I'd think the moral is "it's better to never experience bliss than to have a taste of happiness and then lose it." Or maybe it's "some people have all the good luck, and others get nothing but shit, so just deal with it." And that's just too damned depressing to consider.

So, what is the point of the story? 

Maybe the point is that Kay needs to find her own charm in order to lead a blessed life of her own. Maybe the daft, charmed boy's decision was more to her benefit in the end than to his. 

Or maybe I should just man up and finish this whiskey.  

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