Too Much Time On My Hands

Before you read any furher, please know that I am in the process of getting Charles made into a t-shirt on - Please be a dear and vote for us?

An e-mail sent to Cuppy Cake earlier today...

"You may be happy to know that, after numerous trials, I’ve started over and our mythical hybrid beast is coming along nicely. It’s green and purple. I should have a finished Unicornus Rex by tomorrow, at which time we can commence the cultivation of more ridiculous and slightly insane ideas… I tried to explain to Bro what I was working on. It went a little like this:
B: What are you up to?
K: I don’t wanna say. It’s kind of embarrassing…
B: Oh come on, I won’t judge.
K: Ok. I’m creating a…. unicorn/t-rex hybrid. On my Photoshop, that is. It’d be silly to attempt that in real life. Too big, you see? The mess would be ridiculous. Anyways, Cuppy helped me come up with the idea and I’m trying to bring it to life. On my computer.
K: So there’s that.
B: I’m happy you and Cuppy found each other.
K: Tell me about it! Who else would understand the magestical appeal of a Unicornus Rex??
Back to my troll cave for now, Precious!
 Love, Kay."

The creation of this mythical beast was really a no-brainer: I have always been drawn to the magestical whimsy of unicorn farts (AKA: Rainbows) which, balanced with the fierceness and tiny arms of a T-Rex, makes for a magnificent beast that I will now take as my spirit animal and also my steed.

This Unicornus Rex is named Charles and was created by myself using Photoshop. As you can see, Charles still has all the common difficulties presented by T-Rex's tiny arms (or in this case, hoofs) but do not be deceived; Charles will not hesitate to fuck you up if you cross him.

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  1. I LOVE Charles, he is fabulous :)