Will Power

When I was 21, The Secret told me that if I wanted to attract a man into my life, I had to act as though he was already there. I should try and sleep on one side of the bed instead of the middle.I should empty out half of my closet for his clothes. And in a strange way, it worked. That is, I spent a lot of time in my bedroom with a particular man. It didn't turn into anything, but it did work...

I am a firm in believer in a Divine Power. Being raised by an atheist mother, I was never exposed to the religious portrayal of a bearded man in the sky, watching over us all and judging. When I think of "God", it's not an entity separate from the world, but in every part of it - or rather, it is every part of it. It's the molecules and the force that causes them to group together to form the physical and it's the energy that makes up our egos and souls. So, in my opinion, we are all connected to the world and each other on much deeper levels than "we're all human and we inhabit the Earth" because we are all, in essence, "God". And as such, we have it in us to change the world. This is will power and prayer in effect, and when you  become aware of the power you have to bring things into your life, it's a wonderful liberating feeling.

Often times it feels as though the world is working against you, it's deliberately stopping you from achieving your goals or finding your happiness. I truly believe that this is not the case. The world is actually conspiring to bring you all that you require to live your  life to its fullest. If you're not being given exactly what you want, it's probably because it's not the right time for it, or maybe what you think you want is simply not what's best for you. And frankly, you have to work hard and experience suffering to get what you want. After all, how will you know you've got a good thing if you've never had the bad? 

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