Waking up on the right side of the bed is nice.

Last night, I had a strange – but nice - dream. In my dream, I was in my apartment sitting at my kitchen table, and in walks “D”. I’ll mention that Roomie and my sis were a couple for as long as “D” and I were together, so whenever Sis and I  made trips to see each other,  we'd all go out like a double date situation. I liked that Roomie and “D” got on so well: We all had it in our heads that were going to be a big happy family one day. So in my dream, Roomie had invited him over for a visit. Normally this would have pissed me off as we did not part on good terms, but I was oddly at peace with the whole situation. We sat and had a brief chat to catch up. He told me about his new girlfriend and how things were going. I was surprised to learn that it was not great. This new girl didn’t like a lot of things about him, most especially that he was bald, so he had stopped shaving his head. It may have been a dream, but I can tell you that the awful hair was exactly how it would have looked if he let what was left of it grow back.

Were I awake, I’m sure I would have felt smug to see how he suffered while I flourished.  Instead, I remember looking at him in a new light, a sad one. It made me unhappy to know that this girl was trying to change him. He and I may not have been good for each other, but we are each perfect for someone out there. We tried to change each other in small ways to make us fit together better, but in the end it was no use. I was not happy with the dulled-down person I had become and he couldn’t dream of filling the expectations I had in a partner. In my dream I would have told him as much, but he never liked how opinionated I was.

Anyways, this dream had me waking up feeling great. Just a few weeks ago, it still made me mad to think of him and how he’s wronged me. Now I feel like  I’ve finally forgiven him. I can bring him to mind and feel only contentment that we had parted ways when we did and hopeful that he’ll find someone who’s particular brand of perfect he already is.

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